Three mantras for acquiring success in life
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Wisdom Story 1 : Three Mantras for Acquiring Success In Life

Success Mantras : It is well said that “When you feel arrogance in your life, please take a tour at your nearest graveyard. You will see the smarter people than you, stayed there as ash”.

Today I will tell you the story of a person named SAM

SAM is a big businessman and he is narrating the story of his early age in one seminar.

He has 3 mantras for success that he learned from the 3 Gurus.

During the beginning of his career he faced many failures in life, he faced big losses in business. His beloved girlfriend got married to another person. He gets completely drained and losses hope. As his personal and professional life gets ruined then he decided to go for suicide.

Meeting with first Guru (A Thief)

thief drilling a hole

On the next day when he was going for suicide, he met with a person who was drilling a hole in one house. SAM went there and offered him help to drill the hole faster. Actually, the person was a thief and drilling to steal the things. That thief saw SAM’s innocence and ask him where he is going, SAM replied that he is going for suicide. After hearing, convinced SAM and take him to his home. Every night when he left for stealing the things, he always use to say 2 things to SAM 1) Keep the faith, life will always give good things. 2) Remember the God and offer thank you to him before sleeping. SAM stayed for around 15 days there and left his home.

But he learned his first and a big Mantra from him.’We have to always remain positive towards life and should always have a faith in God.’

Meeting with second Guru (A Dog)

dog looking the shadow in lake.

After leaving from there he was returning to his home. While returning he saw a dog going near the shore of a lake and coming back. SAM was observing that dog very closely that what is going on. Again the dog going near the shore of a lake and coming back. In fact the dog was fearing from his image by looking in the water. After sometime the dog shows courage and jumps into the water, drinks water and goes away.

From this, SAM learned his second Mantra .‘We have to take a risk to achieve anything, without taking risks nothing would be achieved.’

Meeting with third Guru (A Child)

Child with a candle

After traveling he reached his village. There he saw a child was going with a burning candle. He called that child and sarcastically asked him that “Did you know where this flame came from? A child was clever enough, he blew up the candle and asked a counter-question to SAM that “Uncle did you know where this flame went?”

At that time he learned the third Mantra. ‘Does not become arrogant about anything, people smarter than you are living in this world.’

At the end of the seminar, SAM has given credit to these 3 Mantras which helps him to achieve such a success. Now he is an owner of a big business, happily married and well-settled life.

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Manan Shah
December 31, 2020 at 12:00 pm

Soft and sober language you used to understand things like marshmallow in mouth. Keep writing such motivational stories.

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