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Six Ways To Learn Telephone Communication Effectively

How many times have you spoken to someone over the Telephone and thought that Oh! my god this person is so unprofessional or so uninterested well I am sure many a times isn’t it  now  make sure that others are not talking the same about you. So here I am going to give you six precious tips for Effective Telephone Communication.

 “The way we communicate with others and with ourselves ultimately determines the quality of our lives”

Anthony Robbins

How to have Effective Telephone Communication?

You think that phone skills are not important you think it’s pretty easy to talk over the phone now let me tell you that effective telephone communication skills are extremely important because it maintains a level of confidence with the other person that you talking to, well of course you are invisible to the person isn’t it so like a simple nod or a simple grin would not help. So it is essential to have these effective telephone communication skills so that you speak(public Speaking) right and people enjoy talking to you. Here I am going to help you with couple of ways that would help you to talk right over the phone.

1) Be Specific

So the first tip  I have for you is mention your name when you answer the call now it can be very disorienting for the caller if he doesn’t know who he is talking to it is important for you to mention your name and also make sure you have a nice happy friendly tone when you answer the call now this doesn’t mean that you have to  overdo it don’t sound really excited  that would be too much just have a nice friendly tone so that the person feel positive about talking to you and this would get the conversation start of well.

2) Be Clear

Second tip  that I have for you  is speak  clearly  it is important for you  to pronounce your words well of course please do avoid mumbling or  talking to fast or  gushing  this would not help to call to understand what you are saying so it is important for you to pronounce your words correctly also there’s a possibility that the caller must be hard of hearing or maybe doesn’t understand the language really well so make sure you talked a little slowly  and also raise your voice so that you are little more audible to the caller, the raising your voice doesn’t mean that you start screaming  just raise a little so that your audible enough.

3) Be Professional

The third one is that use your words right .Now it doesn’t make sense if you are talking to your senior and you use the teen language or you use slacks like, hey! Whatsup! So are you having fun? Doesn’t make any sense isn’t it your senior will think you are completely retarded. So make sure you use the right language, the right words. If you are talking to someone professionally please use the respectful and professional words. You cannot end up using this slacks. So use your words right that fits the listener.

4) Be Patient

Fourth is listen actively. Now what’s the point  having a conversation if you are not listening to the person, well if you are not listening to the person you’re not trying to understand what he say what you are going to answer him so it is important for you to listen carefully, understand so that you can answer appropriately also make sure that you acknowledge let not the caller feel that he is talking to a wall always acknowledge whenever you’re listening to the person and also please do not interrupt, interrupting people can be really rude at times so avoid interrupting too.

5)  Be Proactive

Fifth one I have for you is use descriptive language now of course if you have to explain something to the caller you need to  brush up on your communication skills isn’t it so please do that so that it helps the caller to understand what you are talking, for example, if you have to describe something you make use of examples because you are invisible to him right so hand gestures would not work so try giving examples, example of shapes, colors etc. imagine this is the best way to imagine that you are under radio and you are the one talking and people are listening to you that would encourage you to sound a little more interesting isn’t it  like the way we listen to the radio we can’t see  the person who’s talking enjoying what they talk because  the way they describe, the way they talk  it’s super fun isn’t  it so that should you need to follow to try to be a little more descriptive so that the caller understand and enjoy talking to you.

6) Be Prepared

And the last one is that always keep pen and paper for handy now there are times you might just forget you would get tongue tight and you don’t know what to talk to the person so it is always best to keep the prompt sheet in front of you or you might also forget what the caller talk to you about so it’s important for you to note down things that would help you to remember.

If you persue all these ways people would love talking to you and you would never have a hard time communicating with people over the phone.

Conclusions of this article

  1. Mention your name when you answer the call.
  2. Speak clearly.
  3. Use the right language, the right words.
  4. While answering the call listen actively, acknowledge caller and avoid interrupting.
  5. Use expressive language.
  6. Note down the things.

Key Learning

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November 23, 2020 at 5:00 pm

Great post! When I was young, we were taught telephone manners both at home and school. Parents and teachers told us how important it is for both our professional and personal lives. I’m glad to see that it has not become a lost art. Thanks for sharing!

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