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Motivational stories

Pleasing Everybody Means Pleasing Nobody:A Lesson on Critics

Pleasing Everybody Means Pleasing Nobody: The law of attraction suggests we pick up on others energies and if we are not mindful, we will internalize these outward feelings as our own. It’s incredible how many people lose themselves in the process of trying to please others. This does not mean that you should not try to make others happy. It is a very nice part of humanity to gain joy from giving joy to others. 

However,it becomes a problem when you start to how others are feeling,or take their feelings on as though they are your own.

Do you always try to please everyone? Then you might feel like the father with his son and the donkey.This story will make us understand Pleasing Everybody Means Pleasing Nobody

A father walking the dusty streets with his son and a donkey in the midday heat. The son led and the father sat on the donkey:

The father, son and the donkey

“The poor little boy,” said a man walking by. “Its short legs try to keep up with the donkey’s pace. How can you sit so lazily on the donkey when you can see that the child is running tired? “

The father took this to heart, got down around the next corner and let the boy sit up.

It wasn’t long before a passer-by raised his voice again: “What an insolence! The little boy sits like a king on the donkey while his poor old father walks by. ”The boy was sorry for this and asked his father to sit on the donkey with him.

“Yes, is there such a thing?” Said an old woman. “Such cruelty to animals! The poor donkey’s back sags and the young and old useless people rest on him. The poor donkey! “

Father and son looked at each other, both got down from the donkey and walked beside the donkey. Then they met a man who made fun of them: “How can you be so stupid? What do you have a donkey for if it can’t carry you? “

The father gave the donkey a drink and then put his hand on his son’s shoulder. “No matter what we do,” he said, “there is always someone who doesn’t agree. From now on we will do what we think is right! ”The son nodded in agreement.


Don’t try to please people”.

“Don’t put much thought in their opinion of you”.

Comment! And let me know what do you think about pleasing others?

Quote of the week,

“The more I tried to be what others thought I should be or do things the way they thought I should the more I discovered these types could never be pleased.”

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September 22, 2020 at 4:45 pm

Definitely a hard lesson to learn in life. I think for most of the population I have no trouble trying not to please them. I think this get complicated when it comes to family, since their opinions of you seem to mean more. If you can get past THAT population you’re probably going to be the most free spirit on the planet.

Thanks for the positive message. It made my day!

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