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Here’s What No One Tells You About Employee Motivation.

Managers should be interested in motivated employees. This is the only way to ensure job satisfaction and the willingness to perform. There are Five things to consider in particular.

Motivation has accompanied us from an early age. If you have no motivation for something as a small child, you act stubborn  with your parents. As an adult, demotivation does not allow you to do so, but it has negative effects if there is no motivation to do something. This is particularly evident in the job, because then demotivation manifests itself in decreased performance and dispassion. To prevent this, managers can use certain strategies, which are explained in this article.

Factors for employee motivation

1. Incentives

Reward systems such as “Employee of the Month” awards, higher salaries or bonus payments for good work naturally sound tempting at first. Nevertheless, these reward systems are extrinsic motivators. This means that motivation is created through external incentives. Since the motivation of the employees does not come from “inside”, it only lasts for a short time. As soon as the new incentive for employees has returned to normal, the motivation fades.

2. Conducive Work Environment

In contrast to extrinsic motivators, it is more important for a manager to offer intrinsic motivational factors so that the workforce remains motivated on its own. The first step for this is to create an appropriate working atmosphere. Right from the start, superiors must ensure that there is an open, trusting basis between them and their employees, so that conflicts can be avoided or quickly eliminated. The more familiar the relationship with the boss is, the more comfortable employees feel.

3. Recognition

If work is done well, this should be recognized by the employer. If this is not the case and you have the feeling that your own work is not seen or valued at all, there is no motivation. This can be easily avoided by giving praise regularly. This gives employees the certainty that they are doing their job properly and that it is recognized. Do you as a manager have to give negative feedback? In the same conversation, the employee concerned should be discussed about specific improvement measures so that they have the opportunity to develop. Recognize it when you notice that a positive change has occurred.

4. Goals

Employees need specific goals and tasks. It should be ensured that the tasks are not overwhelming, but also not underwhelming. Both have negative effects on motivation. Rather, the path to the goal should be challenging and consistently include more responsibility and freedom. The supervisor should play a supporting role in this, by being present when problems arise and talking about them and contributing to finding solutions.

5. Organisational culture

There should be open and good communication within the company. This means that strategies, changes, organizational processes and everything that affects or could interest the entire workforce will also be communicated to them. Employees should be able to contribute suggestions or comments, because this way they deal with their company on another level and feel involved and responsible beyond their own department.

So if you want to keep your employees permanently motivated, you should above all internalize factors 2 to 5. These are intrinsic motivational incentives that motivate your employees from within. You as a manager should be constantly interested in it.

Bonus Tips: Recommended Book for Employees Motivation ‘How to Motivate Employees: Strategies and Techniques for Motivating Employees and Staff for Greater Employee Engagement’ By by Cliff Mauer 


  • Create motivation by external incentives.
  • Build  an appropriate working atmosphere.
  • Recognize employees if the work is done well.
  • The goals provided to employees should be challenging and consistently include more responsibility and freedom.
  • There should be good and open communication channels within the organisation.

Key Learnings:

  • How to motivate employees in an organisation.



October 7, 2020 at 6:20 pm

I’ve worked in many companies where this is sadly lacking. Shame! If a boss gives you recognition, it makes you feel valued

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