Gifts Ideas! 11 Affordable Gifts For The Upcoming Festive Season
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Gifts Ideas! 11 Affordable Gifts For The Upcoming Festive Season


Gift Ideas : As we begin to move nearer to the festive season I am sure you are beginning to wonder what gifts to give away this year. If you want to see a smile on your loved one’s face when they receive a gift from you. The tradition with Diwali and Christmas tells us to treat each other with compassion and to spread love everywhere by exchanging gifts. These festives spirits are the spirit of giving and  gifts are truly gifts of love.

Here are some exciting and unique gift ideas for gifts, this holiday season.

edible gifts

Edible gifts

It is great to buy chocolates that are very delicately wrapped. But you have to save a lot of money. If you make delicious food in your kitchen. You must have experience making muffins, strawberries with chocolate coating, handmade chocolates and handmade biscuits. If you know that the person you are buying the gift for wants to lose weight, be sure to look at the calories of the ingredients and make something for her that has less sweetness.

Do not forget the flowers

Do not forget the flowers

I’m not talking about natural bouquets. I mean potted plants.If you want to give something strange and unusual and of course cheap for a gift, I suggest you buy seeds that are even cheaper than plants and grow plants at home. Then take small pots and you can even paint them and put plants in them. 

multiple name necklace

Multiple Name Necklace

Perfect for the new mom or the one preparing to empty her nest, this scripted name necklace is a sweet way to keep her kids close to her heart. Choose from a silver or gold chain.

Cinderella wearable blanket

Cinderella Wearable Blanket

Your little  princess will feel (and look) like royalty once they cozy up in this blanket shaped like Cinderella’s iconic blue gown. Pair it with a tiara and wand for a well-rounded gift.

perfume and cologne,a perfect gift

Perfume and cologne, a perfect gift

You can prepare the best women’s perfume  and give it to your wife, mother, sister or friend as a  gift. Of course, men are also happy to receive perfume and cologne as a gift.

 Decorative candles

Decorative Candles

 How can you miss the decorative candles? It has its own importance in  festivals and therefore you can use it to give as a gift. It shows your intention of lightening up their life. So this festive season you should give a try to decorative candles as a festive gift.

fruit- basket


You can easily buy a fruit-basket.You can always customize the basket according to your choice.Simply pick up a basket full of scarlet colored apples! And if you want to save some more bucks, buy a good looking basket, place the fruit you want and decorate it yourself instead of getting it decorated by a professional. It will not only save your money but will also give you the satisfaction of doing the thing  on your own! 

Photo frames

Photo frames

Photo frames are another great choice! You can choose a photo frame of almost every size – as small as a tiny piece for the office desk and as big as the one that you place on the mantelpiece: something which is easily visible to everyone present in the room!

handmade Cakes

Handmade cakes

If you are good at cooking and baking; simply bake a cake and gift this festive season. But even if you aren’t that good at baking, you can think of presenting a cake as you can always look for bakers around. And if you have a friend who loves baking, you can pay her for a delicious cake and get a perfect gift at a reasonable price

The best gift book for all ages

The best gift book for all ages

If you are in doubt about preparing a gift for the person in front of you, it is better to buy a good book suitable for his spirits. 

Help friends or loved ones with your gift

Help friends or loved ones with your gift

Sometimes the best gifts help their recipients help themselves. If so, they will help your friend or loved one in their quest to be a better person. Whether that means being more educated, more disciplined, more organized, or more productive, these gifts will help.

What are your favorite  gifts this year? Are you going to give any gifts like this one?Share your gifts ideas in the comments below!

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Until next time, enjoy the festive season!!





November 4, 2020 at 8:56 am

These ideas are lovely. I really like the princess blanket idea and I am wondering if they do them in adult sizes! I think I need to go and have a look.

Thanks for sharing x

November 5, 2020 at 2:26 pm

These are great ideas! My daughter would love the princess blanket & I would love to have scented candles haha

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