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Failure Is The Part Of Learning : Never Give Up

Failure is nothing more than a state of mind. …..Napoleon Hil

Once a man was going somewhere by the way. On the way he saw an adult elephant, which was very huge, but despite being so strong, he was tied with a weak rope. The man suddenly stopped there.

 He was very surprised to see how such an elephant could be tied with a weak rope. When an elephant has so much power, that it can move the biggest trees, mountains, it can break the chains and be free, but it is tied with these ropes.

 While there are no chains, cages. What is the reason why a giant is unable to break free from this weak rope. For the purpose of knowing this reason, he went to the Mahavata (the elephant’s trainer) and curiously kept his curiosity.

 He asked  Mahavat, “Sir, what is the reason that this giant elephant can destroy in a second, because of which it is tied with a weak rope?” And don’t even try to run? ” answer please.

Hearing that  Mahavat replied, when this elephant was very small, I used to tie it with this rope, at that time this rope was so strong, that it was very difficult to break it, at that time it He tried his best to break the rope, was also injured many times, even blood came out from the feet, but it was not possible to break the rope.

After a lot of effort, it failed and gave up and even stopped pushing on the rope, assuming it was impossible. Slowly when it grew. It still felt that this rope would not break. Hence it is unable to break it. It did not attempt to break the rope. Today it is an adult strong, giant elephant.

 But it gave up on the rope. However, it can break the rope at any time and release itself from bondage. But it has accepted the defeat of childhood as the defeat of life. As a result, it is bound only by a weak rope. The person was very surprised to know this.


 Friends, just like this elephant, how many of us know such people, who believe that they can never be successful in life. Because earlier they tried. But were unsuccessful. Friends, success may not have been attempted with full heart. Failure is just a state of mind. It doesn’t exist in the real world but often we are hallucinated of failure and stop trying.

 Maybe, like that baby elephant, we have not been able to try with full force. But at this time you are able to do some work, but are not trying. Thinking that you failed earlier. This thinking will be called the “Elephant’s Rope” thinking, and you may be tied to that rope for the rest of your life.

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October 10, 2020 at 7:19 am

So true, failure is part of the journey. It’s important for us to learn the lesson and move forward but never stop. 👍🏻

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