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Body language in the job interview:The power of wordless communication

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Body language is a very essential part of communication which constitutes more than half of what we are communicating. It makes sense to understand how you can (and cannot) use your body to say what you mean,if you communicate well. It is said that body language always tells the truth. If we can’t trust what we see or what we hear, we should go by the body language of the person.

Much of what we don’t say in an interview is still revealed through our body language. Even if your competence is primarily important, facial expressions, gestures and facial expressions influence the HR manager’s opinion within the first few minutes. This makes it all the more important to use body language skillfully in job interviews.

What’s the difference Nonverbal communication vs. Body language?

Non-verbal communication is anything that has nothing to do with language but still sends a message to someone. One could define body language in a similar way. But what is the difference between non-verbal communication and body language? Nonverbal communication is the umbrella term that includes body language as well as all other areas of non-linguistic communication such as signs, clothing, accessories, tattoos etc. It is irrelevant whether these are used consciously or unconsciously, it just depends on whether someone can read something from it.

Why is Body Language Important in a Job Interview?

Your body language shows what kind of person you are…. -Antony Alex

We all know the saying “A look is worth a thousand words”, which sums up the importance of body language in communication. Body language reveals a lot about us, our attitudes and what we really think. For a trained HR manager, it is easy to read between the lines through our body language. It therefore doesn’t hurt to be aware of what we are conveying to a counterpart through our body language, because we want to show ourselves from our best side, especially in job interviews. 

 Elements of body language

 In order to understand how body language can be used successfully, it is first necessary to be aware of how extensive the individual sub-elements are. Body language includes:

 Facial expressions: This is understood to mean everything that happens in the form of movements on the surface of the face.

Eye contact: This means looking into the other person’s eyes. The main issue here is frequency and duration

Gestures: Words are often accompanied by gestures. This means the movement of arms, hands, legs and also the head.

Body movement: This term encompasses various aspects such as the posture of the body.

Seven tips will convince you in the job interview

men outfit
Here you can see tops and flops in business outfits for men
women outfit
And in the interview, these clothes are promising for the woman – or not

Choosing the right outfit.

Confident body language alone in the interview is unfortunately not enough to be convincing, because great importance is attached to an impeccable outfit. In other words, you shouldn’t be too casual in the interview to signal that you know what a business outfit looks like.

 Firm handshake

Chronologically speaking, the handshake is one of the first interactions with the HR manager. Under no circumstances should you put a dead fish in his hand, but convince him with a specific but short handshake. 

 Eye contact and smile

As you greet the recruiter, keep eye contact and smile. Under no circumstances should you fidget, play with your hair, tinker with your blouse or look at the floor – it makes you look nervous and weak.

 Underline statements with gestures

In the conversation, certain gestures will underline your statements. Make sure not to gesticulate too hectically, even scratching the head, playing around with hair or rings can be negative and imply insecurity. Recommend calm and deliberate gestures that you better use only one hand instead of two.

 The perfect ending

Did you make it to the end of the conversation? Then just don’t screw up the goodbye now. Because the last impression is at least as important as the first. Again, hold a firm, short handshake, look the HR manager in the eye, smile and get rid of the serious words “goodbye”.

Do’s & Don’ts for Job Interview

good posture

I have summarized the most important dos and don’ts for you so that you can go to the job interview well prepared.


 Eye contact: Eye contact should be maintained while speaking.

 Open arms and gesticulating hands: The arms should be actively used to         emphasize arguments. However, it is advisable not to gesticulate too much, but also not to cross your arms during the conversation.

Stable, slightly leaning forward sitting position:As far as the sitting position is concerned, you can always adapt it to the person you are speaking to.

 Stay authentic: The most important thing is to stay true to yourself in order to appear authentic. 


Never fidget or wiggle your hands too much.

Ambiguous  look → instead make eye contact with the person you are talking to!

Your face is too serious → try to smile!

Slouched posture

Cross arms

Playing with your hair

Do not play around with clothes, as this conveys that you feel uncomfortable and want to leave the room as quickly as possible.

Final Thought

So there you have it, all aspects of non-verbal communication that will better your odds of succeeding in your next job interview. While having the correct posture might not win you the job, the wrong can definitely guarantee you won’t. The more correctly you deal it with, the better you will learn to present yourself  in the job interview. I wish you success!

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  1. Much of what we don’t say in an interview is still revealed through our body language.
  2. Non-verbal communication is anything that has nothing to do with language but still sends a message to someone.
  3. Body language reveals a lot about us, our attitudes and what we really think.
  4. Have a good knowledge of body language elements.
  5. Follow a few of the tips (discussed in the article) to be convincing in a job interview.
  6. Take care of Dos and Don’ts (discussed in the article)

Key Learning:

  • How to be convincing in a job interview.

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