35 Different ways to say I'm Tried
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35 Different Ways to say “I’m Tried”

35 Ways To Say "I'm Tried"

I’m running on fumes

I’m fatigued 

I’m knackered

I’m tired out

I’m weary

I’m tired to the bone

I’m stuffed

I’m drained

I’m running on empty

I’m wiped out

I’m whacked (UK)

I’m shattered

I’m drowsy

I’m sleepy

I’m wiped

I’m fried

I can hardly keep my eyes open

I’m gonna hit the sack

It’s bedtime for me

I’m all in (UK)

I’m off to bed

I’m dead to the world

I’m dragging

I’m on my last legs

I’m bushed

I’m at the end of my rope.

I’m pooped



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